Children’s Dental Group in Marion, AR

Children’s Dental Group offers the ultimate dental experience for children and kids up to high school with special needs. As the only pediatric dentist in Crittenden County that offers conscious sedation, every patient (and their parents) can count on a stress-free dental experience.

Children's Dental Services in Marion, AR - Children's Dental Group

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Call the Children’s Dental Group office in Marion, AR at 870-739-2992 for fun, friendly dentistry for your child!

We Are Patient With Patients

First-time patients and patients who are scared can count on all of us being very patient while they get used to our office and ready for their exam or treatment. Parents, you can rely on us to offer a happy, safe, comfortable environment for your child.

Children's Dental Group - Marion, AR

303 Bancario Rd Suite 11-12
Marion, AR 72364

8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m

A Happy Place for Healthy Teeth

At the Children’s Dental Group, our goal is to have our patients smile on the way IN to our office. We want them to feel happy to be here and feel good about getting their smile even healthier. Bring them to Children’s Dental Group in Marion, AR so they can brag about how they brush today!

Pediatric Dental Care in Marion, AR - Children's Dental Group