Don’t let the Cavity Bug win!

Come on in and show us your smiley face!

Children’s Dental Group

Dr. Mike and The Tooth Fairy would like to welcome you to Children’s Dental Group. We are all about fun, healthy smiles for all of our patients…and parents. We want everyone to be happy, not scared, to come to our office. That’s right, we want you to smile coming in and going out.

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Three Offices

We were so excited to help kids with their healthy smiles that we knew we couldn’t just treat patients in one place, so we opened two more offices to see even more fantabulous smiles! We are not only in Marion, but also Blytheville and West Memphis! Of course you don’t have to live right on the dot on the map for those places. Make circles around the dots because we accept patients from the surrounding areas, like Crittenden, Mississippi, and Cross Counties too. Happy smiles all around.

Dear Parents…

If you’re nervous, don’t be. You can go anywhere in the office with your patient. We are one, big, happy, toothy family, right? So, maybe you need to hold your little patient’s hand. We get it. Come right in with them so you can be part of the healthy teeth fun.

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Healthy teeth and happy smiles are our idea of fun! Call and make your appointment today in Marion 870-739-2992, Blytheville 870-824-6677, or West Memphis 870-400-8946 !
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