What We Do at the Dentist’s Office

Wondering what we do here at Children’s Dental Group in Marion, AR? We do lots of stuff with teeth!

Keeping Those Teeth Clean

Besides brushing and flossing at home, we expect to see our patients twice a year for cleanings and dental exams. Sometimes we need to take digital X-rays to see what’s going on under the teeth. At those appointments, we also offer sealants to help keep cavities out of molars and fluoride treatments for extra protection. We get sad when we don’t see our friends for their regular preventive visits, so make sure to keep that on your calendar.

Preventive care visits keep kids from missing more school due to toothaches or cavities, and they can play more and lead healthier lives because they don’t have to deal with decay, AND they have learned the importance of regular dental care. Phew. That was a long sentence. But we mean every word.

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Cavities Happen

In case of a cavity, don’t panic. We offer in-office conscious sedation, which means our patients feel just fine during their dental procedures. Even the most nervous kids respond well. Please note that we do not offer conscious sedation to nervous parents.

White fillings match natural teeth, which is awesome. Stainless steel crowns, for damaged or weak teeth, can make them strong again. We also use crowns if a baby tooth has a lot of decay and we need to do nerve treatment (a baby tooth root canal).

Primary teeth can be stubborn. When they are loose, we don’t pull them out, we “wiggle” them out easily and painlessly.

Speaking of losing teeth, if a tooth comes out too early, we have to keep that space open so that the jawbones and muscles in the mouth that make space and guide the grownup teeth into the proper spot to develop correctly. We use space maintainers. This may sound otherworldly, but it’s actually a device, either removable or not, that we place where the lost tooth was so the jaws grow correctly, and the teeth stay aligned.

If there’s anything that needs urgent or special treatment, Dr. Tanner has privileges at Lebonheur Hospital.

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We Are So Proud

  • We are the only pediatric dentist in Mississippi County.
  • We are the only pediatric dentist in Crittenden County that is able to do in office conscious sedation.
  • We are the only pediatric dentist in either county with privileges at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital.
  • We visit 73 Headstart classes each year with our ToothFairy and CavityBug hygiene show, delivering over 2,386 toothbrushes free.
  • We are the only office around that specializes in special needs patients.
  • We won the Above and Beyond Award from the Arkansas PAC to recognize us as a business that has made a significant contribution to the Disability Community.
At Children’s Dental Care we offer all the right stuff for healthy smiles! Call to make an appointment today in Marion 870-739-2992, Blytheville 870-824-6677, or West Memphis 870-400-8946!